Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Behind the scenes - Fun with Alvina, Mu-ming and Iris

A while ago I had the pleasure to work with Alvina and Mu-ming, my long time friends of nearly 15 years. (I'm not that old really)
Alvina happens to be a great photographer while Mu-ming a great director - how convenient :)
Initially it was just a test/let's have fun kind of project since all three of us haven't really had a chance to work all together, but when we had all the cameras rolling we decided to make it into a reel - why not?

Civa Chen - Makeup Artist from Mu-Ming Tsai on Vimeo.
Director: Mu-ming Tsai
Model: Iris Lai
Makeup/hair: Civa Chen
Photographer: Alvina Wang

It was the first time I had to do makeup, hair and wardrobe all together by myself (with some help from Alvina providing accessories and ideas since we don't have an entire fashion closet)
I have to say, from coming up with a concept, choosing the elements and things to include to the final decision, it takes a lot of effort to put everything together!

The whole concept was sort of mix n' match so we experimented with putting different elements from all seasons together.

For the first look, I created a fresh face with a touch of spring/summer colors and glowy cheeks while not screaming "color" - kind of like a transition into fall but keeping the feel of summer.

The second look I wanted something edgy. For the makeup I really just went with what I felt at the moment and see how it goes. In the end it's really about creating a mood, a feeling and it's just makeup, nothing too serious :)
(btw I like the hair! haha...)

It feels so great when you get to have fun with friends and come out with something like this.

I love you guys and thank you so much!<3

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